All our courses are built to develop students’ skills in communications, graphic design and web development. The first year, semester 1 and 2, provides a strong base of knowledge. In second year, semester 3 and 4, students develop their skills and techniques. The third year, semester 5 and 6, allows the further refinements required to get ready for an exciting career.

First semester

Introduction to Graphic and Web Design

Web 1: HTML, CSS and JS

Graphic Design 1: Illustration

Photo Editing 1

Communication and Information Technologies 1

Second semester

Web 2: CMS, Frameworks and Libraries

Graphic Design 2: Design Principles

Photo Editing 2

Communication and Information Technologies 2

English Communication

Third semester

Web 3: Animation and Dynamic Websites

Graphic Design 3: Typography and Creative Design


French Communication 1

Functional Documents

Fourth semester

Web 4: SPAs and Mobile Apps

Graphic Design 4: Advanced Design

French Communication 2

Publication Design 1

Video and Audio Editing

Illustration Projects

Fifth semester

Becoming a Professional Graphic and Web Designer 1

Web 5: Social Media and Personal Projects

Graphic Design 5: Branding Project

Publication Design 2

Interacting in the Workplace

Sixth semester

Becoming a Professional Graphic and Web Designer 2

Managing projects



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