In OST: Micromedia we focus on three areas:


We’ll work on effective communication in English & “français”, written & oral.
Special attention will be given to digital communications, social media and business communications.

Graphic Design

Working with Adobe Creative Suite software such as Photoshop, Illustrator & InDesign, we’ll explore a variety of design principles for a number of media over a range of document types.

Web Development

We’ll discover the triumverate of front-end design: HTML5, CSS3 & javascript. And we’ll delve into a bit of back-end development using php and mySQL.

Guidance Counsellors

Read more about OST: Micromedia in the Vanier Prospectus 2017-18. (PDF 250kb)

See the OST: Micromedia Presentation (2mb PDF) (note that I have deleted the portfolio pages in order to reduce the size. You can access full portfolios below.

Read a couple of our students’ stories from our Student Yearbook (3mb PDF)

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These are Adobe Acrobat (PDF) versions of their print portfolios.


See some online portfolios

You will find mobile-first, responsive websites, web apps, native-like mobile applications, games and more

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