Kevin O'Connell

Vanier was deeply saddened by the sudden and unexpected passing of Kevin O'Connell in 1984. The Kevin O'Connell Science Centre was founded in his honour as a tribute to the large impression that he left during his years teaching at Vanier.

From the Vanier College Handbook: The Kevin O'Connell Science Centre in E-506 offers students a pleasant place to study as well as find coaching, skill sheets, strategy sheets, tutorial software, reference books, science magazines and puzzles.

The following additional information is taken from the O'Connell family's website:

Kevin John O'Connell was born October 2, 1943. He was a Mechanical Engineer and taught at Vanier College, Montreal. He married Christine McNamara on June 24, 1978 in Montreal.

When studying Engineering at McGill University, Kevin worked summers on the famous Canadian HARP project (High Altitude Research Project) run by Gerald Bull. The project proved that a cannon could launch a satellite into near space (to altitudes of 80-90 miles).

Kevin was an accomplished athlete. He was hired by the Canadian forces to train troops in mountain climbing, and was given the temporary rank of Major.

Kevin was killed in an avalanche while mountain climbing on Huascaran, the highest mountain in Peru on July 8, 1984. He and Christine had one daughter - Zyanna Tara, born October 9, 1983. Christine is teaching in Montreal.

Read an anecdote forwarded to us in September 2011 by an early friend of Kevin's, Kerry Coulter.

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