Health Science: Science Plus Student Wins $20,000 Scholarship
February 6, 2004

Geneviève Lessard was awarded a $20,000 scholarship as a result of her participation in the Concours Bourse d'Étude Virginie, awarded by Radio-Canada.

Geneviève, a past member of the Vanier Robotics Team, was a Gold Medal winner, Senior Category, in the 2003 Bell Regional Science & Technology Fair for her presentation "Science: A Tool to Solve Crimes". (See photo.)

Ms. Lessard was listed on the Winter 2003 Honour Roll (First Class Honours) for her program, Health Science: Science Plus and recently registered an R-Score of over 35. She was also previously given a special Entrance Scholarship award for having the highest average of all applicants to Vanier in 2002.

One of the criteria for being selected was the submission of a one-page letter describing the applicant's academic dreams and a description of how the money would allow them to achieve these aspirations. You can read Geneviève's letter (en français).

Obviously, a prize of this magnitude is a rare event and we at Vanier College share in Geneviève's happiness for this exciting award. Congratulations!