“Our collegial challenge for habitat for humanity went incredibly well. It was a learning and great life experience. I had high expectations for the trip and it was even better.”

“…New Mexico 2008 was one of the best experiences of my life.”
“We all became one big family; the students and teachers couldn’t have been closer.”

- Andrew Goggans (read entire testimonial)

“All in all, this was an unforgettable experience that I had and I am glad that I was able to provide the help that this family needed.”

- Cora Cheung (read entire testimonial)

“The opportunity to work for Habitat for Humanity had been more gratifying than I expected.”

“Our team became a family within 24 hours of our arrival in Taos, and we were happy to accept one another, and to help the lovely woman and her daughter with their home.”

“I have been asked how I enjoyed my trip and I say that I had an AWESOME time, which I did, but little do people know how some aspects of an experience are indescribable and in order to really know it fully, we would have to try to walk in each other’s shoes. And these walks are memorable with each second that passes.”

- Haley Putpeng (read entire testimonial)

“What a fantastic experience – one which demonstrated such synergy and team spirit within the group.”

“Not only was our trip extremely educational, we had treks through national parks bringing us close to the powerful forms of the New Mexico landscape, we also learned techniques in building construction and were involved in a humanitarian cause. What a journey!”

- Milli Nath-Chowdhury (read entire testimonial)

 “I learned that there are ways for me to do my part in this world, and consequently, I believe that this experience has enabled me to forever keep my career options open to humanitarian work within my country, as well as internationally.”

“This experience has definitely changed my life forever and, in particular, my view and vision of humanitarian service.”

“I keep on hoping that I will, once again, have the chance and blessed opportunity to live such an adventure again.”

- Melody Loria (read entire testimonial)

"...we got to apply what we learned in class. This really opened our eyes and we got to experience adobe construction which in itself is very impressive because it is only used in climates like that of Taos"

"...after being together for 10 days we had to say goodbye to each other at Trudeau airport in Montreal, it seemed we became family."

- Eric Biard-Goble (read entire testimonial)