This course will be held at Vanier College
Thursdays, from 4:30 - 6:00 pm

September 7, 2006 to May 3, 2007

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ABOUT THE COURSE - This is a CEGEP level course, which introduces students to the field of psychology as we seek to understand human behaviour, thoughts and feelings. We look at how our brain functions or malfunctions, the influences of how we were raised, how we learn, and how we change. Special topics of interest include phobias, eating disorders, alcoholism, IQ, parenting styles, love and marriage, and effective study strategies.

ABOUT THE TEACHER  -- Francis Ho earned his MA in psychology at the University of Oxford.  He also holds an MA in sociology (University of Chicago) and an MSc in speech-language pathology (Mcgill University).  He has been a teach at Vanier College since 2001.  He is also a licensed speech-language pathologist.  He has a very down-to-earth and lively teaching style and is especially good at illustrating psychological theories with everyday phenomena.

WHO SHOULD TAKE THIS COURSE - Motivated students with an interest in exploring psychology would benefit from this course. All students who enter (any) CEGEP in Social Science are required to take this course and would be getting a head start on their academic career. Students who are in programs with a rigid "grid", such as Science, Nursing, etc may have trouble fitting it into their schedules. Taking it now would assure them of being able to get it. Taking it now would assure them of being able to get it. This course is also a good way to make the transition to CEGEP demands more gradually than usual.

WORKLOAD - In addition to class time each week, students will need another one to two hours each week in reading and studying their textbooks. There will be short quizzes at the beginning of class most weeks, and 4 exams to study for as well. In addition, there will be one written assignment that involves some research using material at the Vanier library, as well as some work at home.

THE REQUIREMENTS - The student must be able to get to Vanier and be seated in the classroom by 4:30 every Thursday for 30 weeks (September 7 - December 14 and January 18 - May 3). The student must purchase the required textbook and course package during the first class at a cost of about $90. (You'll be informed of the exact cost later.) In addition, a dollar or less will be needed for photocopying at the Vanier library. There are no other costs. Students must be in Secondary V while taking the course.

CREDITS AND GRADES - Students who later register at Vanier will receive a CEGEP credit for the course retroactively, as if they had taken the course as an August Intensive before their first semester at Vanier. (This allows them to register for higher level psychology courses in their first semester. Everyone who passes the course will receive a certificate testifying that they successfully completed a CEGEP Introductory Psychology course while still at high school. Students registering in Early Childhood Education, Special Care Counselling, or Business Administration won't have the course count toward their diploma, but it does go on their transcripts as an extra credit.

HOW TO REGISTER - Fill out online and then print and mail the application form as soon as possible to the address indicated on the bottom of the form. Forms may also be faxed to (514) 744-7520. Applications will be handled on a first come first served basis. Registration will be confirmed within a few weeks.

QUESTIONS? - Nora Soukiassian,the Social Science Dean's secretary (514-744-7500 ext. 7572) (emailto: ). During the school year you may also reach Karen Tee, (514-744-7500 ext.7349), (email: )