WHAT IS ......

You may have asked yourself...
"How can I use the Internet to communicate with my students? How can I have my own web page? How can I collaborate with my colleagues?" These are all rhetorical questions. Because you can, with your FIRSTCLASS account that we have set up for you.

What does it all mean for you?

  • With FIRSTCLASS, your course material is available on the web 24/7 because uploading course materials is as simple as click and drag. And your students can view, print and download this material via the Vanier College Website. No student will be left out in the cold and they will miss you down at the Print Shop.
  • With FIRSTCLASS, you are automatically a member of your department folder and of an all-faculty conference . Have a conference with your colleagues or with teachers in other departments, dash off a message to one or all, and you can even have on an online chat meeting.
  • With FIRSTCLASS, you can create your own simple web page for your students and the world to see or upload a website. Training is available for web design.
  • With FIRSTCLASS, you can check and send email from any computer, anywhere, using the web. No more using third parties such as Hotmail or reconfiguring your computer.
  • With FIRSTCLASS, you have your own personal and secure desktop. You can upload, and store various types of files such as word, word perfect, excel, power point, images, etc. and work anywhere at any web connected computer. If you have access to a computer, even in Winnipeg, you have access to your FIRSTCLASS account
  • With FIRSTCLASS you can check your calendar for appointments. Add an appointment. Send a voice message.
  • And by the way every student has a FIRSTCLASS account. No more asking for student email addresses. Just go into the FIRSTCLASS directory and type in their name and voila.
  • And as usual there is much more. More than can be explained in a web page.

Why settle for Economy when you can go FIRSTCLASS?
Comprehensive. Portable. Secure. Easy to use. And ready to go. Assistance available.

Go ahead .
Take it for a spin around the block. Kick the tires and slam the doors. You have everything to gain.
Get your user I.D. and your password and then get started with FIRSTCLASS and be ready