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Students: If you are registered for a course at Vanier, a FirstClass account has been created for you.
Your FirstClass User ID is your Vanier Student #. Your Password is your Vanier Registration PIN.
Though you may have changed your PIN with Omnivox, your FirstClass account was likely set up with your original PIN. Changes to your Omnivox password are not reflected in FirstClass.
You are encouraged to set a new password the first time you log in. Your FirstClass credentials are also valid on the Vanier Moodle server.
Faculty and Staff:For FirstClass account creation and assistance, please contact Doug Robinson.
Extension:7537 or robinsod@vaniercollege.qc.ca

Download the Client Installer
To use some features of Vanier FirstClass, please install the FirstClass client. Download the installer for your operating system, launch it and follow the prompts.
Login with the FirstClass Client
We recommend the use of the FirstClass Client.
<Click to login with the client installed on this computer.
At Vanier, the FirstClass client should already be installed on your computer. You can also login with the icon on the Desktop or QuickLaunch toolbar.

Web Login

<Click to login to Vanier FirstClass via the web.