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We were pleased to hear of the recent release of Sophie Jacmin's first novel. Entitled "Deux poids deux mesures", the book is published by Les Éditions XYZ. See the link. Congratulations, Sophie!

Sophie Jacmin was previously featured in an article published in the January 16, 2008 edition of the Montreal Metro daily. The piece described a unique and innovative collaboration between Vanier College and Cégep Sept-Isles that uses video-conferencing technology to permit team teaching. The project is still in progress in 2013. You can see photos from the visit of Sept-Isles students who travelled to Vanier in September 2007.


The following article was published in the Director General's Newlsetter of January 2007:

The College is currently involved in partnership projects with McGill University and Cégep de Sept- Iles. Below is a summary of one of these partnerships:

Cégep de Sept-Iles

Since September 2006, Vanier College and the Cégep de Sept-Iles are involved in a unique team-teaching experiment that has already produced innovative and enriching results. The idea behind this initiative was to enhance the learning experience of students from both cégeps by giving them a chance to meet in the virtual world. Two teachers from the Humanities departments (Sophie Jacmin for Vanier and Sharon Coyle for Sept-Iles) adapted their respective Knowledge courses to design common classroom activities.
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Sophie conducts a class in 2012 using
a new Mobile Video-Conferencing Unit

Students met online once a week to discuss what they had learned in class. Discussion groups were created within the new DECclic II platform and students debated such questions as ‘Who am I’, ‘What are the philosophical issues raised in the film The Matrix ’, ‘Do we acquire knowledge through fiction, and if so, what kind of knowledge?’. Lively discussions ensued as students got to know each other and felt more comfortable within the unique format of the course.

By early November, new technology allowed students to see each other through the use of web cams and the internet phone system Skype. Exchanges in real time now became even more real since students ‘truly’ met and responded to each other as though they were in one big classroom. The very format of the course became a topic of interesting intellectual exploration. The Internet, chat rooms, discussion groups and virtual live meetings through web cams were analyzed under the lens of our traditional definitions of what constitutes knowledge. Without having found definitive answers, students nonetheless realized they were involved in a pedagogical experiment; that itself shook some of the certainties we all had about knowledge in general, and classroom learning in particular.

The Winter 2007 semester promises to be even more interesting since both teachers will be offering a common Worldviews course entitled Worldviews of Town and City: Sept-Iles, Montreal and Beyond . Supported by newly acquired technology such as a video-conferencing system called ‘Fenêtre de téléprésence’ as well as a ‘Smart Board’, teachers and students alike will venture into discovering each other’s worldviews somewhere between Montreal and Sept-Iles, in the mysterious digital world! I would like to acknowledge the support of Neil Caplan and the tremendous work of Sophie Jacmin in making this partnership a success.