Mathematics professor at Vanier College and President of the Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility, Gordon Edwards was given the 2006 Nuclear-free Future Award in the category of Education "for his enduring role in demystifying nuclear technology and helping the public understand its vulnerable predicament." See the web announcement.

LATEST NEWS: Gordon Edwards was interviewed by CTV regarding the Harper Government's decision to sell nuclear technology to India despite the fact that India has not signed a nuclear non-proliferation agreement. To see the interview, just click here.
PREVIOUS NEWS: Dr. Edwards was the main subject in an interview on the CBC Newsworld show "Politics with Don Newman" broadcast January 29, 2009 where he weighs in on the Chalk River Nuclear Reactor's leak into the Ottawa River. You can view his appearance (which lasts 7 1/2 minutes) by clicking on this link. He also appeared as part of a segment on Global TV's "16:9 The Big Picture" which focused on lax security at Canadian University Nuclear Reactors. View the entire 10 minute clip. Just click here.
Gordon was the subject of an article on June 20, 2008 in the Kings County Register published in the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia where he opposes initiatives to restart uranium mining in the area. Read the article.

He was also recently interviewed on CBC Newsworld on January 29, 2008 as an expert on issues of nuclear safety, pertaining to the Linda Keen / Chalk River affair. You can view the video clip (5 minutes) in its entirety. Click here.

Gordon was featured in an article published in the Calgary Herald of January 15, 2008 about why he believes nuclear power is too risky. Read the article.
On January 16, 2008, he was the subject of an Edmonton Journal article regarding an appearance he made at the University of Alberta where he spoke about the Peace River power plant project. Read the article.

Gordon Edwards

In September 2007, Gordon was featured as an expert on nuclear issues for an article that appeared in the Edmonton Sun. Read the article.

In November and December 2006, Gordon was interviewed twice by CBC Newsworld on the subject of the poisoning of Alexander Litvinenko with Polonium 210.
View the videos. (Available in a choice of resolutions) Click here.

In September 2006, he was interviewed on the CBC radio show "All in a Weekend" on the proposed revival of nuclear power as an energy source. Listen to the interview.
Click here. (15 min. MP3 file, 3.6 MB file)

Dr. Edwards' renowned slide presentation on the dangers of nuclear power entitled "The Science and the Social Issues behind Nuclear Power Technology" is part of Vanier's 2006 Math & Science Lecture series (see link).
Gordon was also heard in May 2005 on the CBC's program "Commentary" discussing issues related to the disposal of radioactive waste produced by nuclear reactors. Click for an audio version of this talk. (2.8 MB MP3 file) You can read a written transcript of this speech by clicking here.