The Lloyd Elder Scholarship
Application Form Details

The application should include our "cover page" form. Click to get this form.

The information below details all of the specifics which you should include in a separate document.

Criteria 1: Sports Background.

Detail your involvement in sports over the past four years. If relevant, information on your participation in sports previous to four years ago could be included. This involvement could include: team or club experience at Vanier College, at your high school or in the community; individual sport participation and/or competition; coaching; and/or teaching experience, etc. Include information on any personal achievements, awards, sport qualifications, etc.
a) Please outline the details of your sports background and experience using the format of one typed page.
b) Include at least one letter of reference that will support your candidacy for this award in terms of your sports background.

Criteria 2: Mathematics.
Detail your level of achievement in the study of mathematics over the past two years. Involvement and achievement previous to that could be mentioned if relevant. This explanation of your level of achievement could include: specific course grades, your grades as compared to the class average, personal achievement awards or prizes, etc.
a) You should attach photocopies of official course transcripts for the courses that you refer to.
b) Please outline the details of your achievements on one typed page.
c) Include at least one letter of reference which will support your candidacy for this award in terms of your achievements in mathematics.

Attach a letter, of one typed page, indicating any special or significant reasons why you believe that you are a good candidate to be chosen as a recipient of this scholarship.

Submit the completed cover page of this application form, with all your other documents, by Friday, December 15th, 2006 to:

The Lloyd Elder Scholarship Committee.
c/o Guy Quinn, Physical Education Department,
Vanier College, 821 Ste-Croix Blvd.,
Saint-Laurent ,
Quebec H4L 3X9

More info: Guy Quinn, 744-7500, ext. 7169 or Joe Twardowski, ext. 7609

Receipt of all applications will be acknowledged by mail. The chosen recipient will be notified in January 2007. Thank you for your interest in the Lloyd Elder Scholarship.

-The Lloyd Elder Scholarship Committee.