Through interlibrary loans (ILL) and document delivery services Vanier College faculty and staff can obtain materials that are not available in the Vanier College Library. Interlibrary Loan service is not available to students or Library membership cardholders. Please check OPAC to verify item is not in the library.
Books: No charge is applied if the item is available at any Quebec college or Bishop's University. Outside this network the charge can vary between $15.00-$25.00 depending on the institution.
Photocopied articles: No charge is applied if the item is available at any Quebec college or Bishop's University. If the item is available elsewhere charges can cost approximately $15.00 minimum up to 10 pages an article, with additional charges for subsequent pages.
NB: Patrons are responsible for photocopy charges, fines and/or replacement costs arising from their requests. Unpaid charges will result in the loss of interlibrary loan and library borrowing privileges.
Borrowers can expect to keep most materials from 2 to 4 weeks. Patrons must return ILL material on time to a staff member at the Circulation Department. It is best not to place the item in the after hours return box. To renew the material please contact the Michael Leung at 744-7500 ext. 7494 or Only one renewal per item is permitted.
Before submitting your ILL request, please check the OPAC to make sure we do not already own the item. The length of time needed to obtain a loan or photocopy can vary considerably (from 2 days to 6 weeks), depending on where the material is available. Patrons are encouraged to place their requests early and to take advantage of the "ITEM NOT NEEDED AFTER" portion of the form. A patron who does not indicate an "item not needed after" is still responsible for the item even if it arrives too late to be of use. Books are usually received two or three weeks from the time the request is submitted. Requests for articles are usually received within four (4) working days, but can take longer. Patrons requesting rapid delivery of materials are responsible for any additional charges incurred by the library.
Patrons will be notified when the requested item has arrived and can be checked out at the Circulation Department (F300). Please bring your Vanier I.D. card for this transaction. To submit a request, please go to the INTERLIBRARY LOAN REQUEST FORM