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Student success depends on having a quiet Library environment in which students can concentrate and study. However, sometimes students are required to study in groups or to consult with Library staff members, so Conversation zones are designated for silent study, for quiet study (including common areas) and for group study (including service areas).

Mutual cooperation and mutual respect between our students and staff are necessary to enrich the library environment. Any excessive noise or disruptive behaviour is unacceptable.

Conversation Zones

Silent Study: (You will be asked to leave the area if you talk. No groups.)

  • The Mezzanine (F-300)

Quiet Study: (Whispering only.)

  • The Computer area (E-300)
  • The 4th floor (F-400)
  • Outside the classrooms (E-403 and E405)
  • Common areas: Printers/Copiers, Stairwells, and Lobby

Group Study: (Normal conversation.)

  • The 5th floor (F-500). This is a study area. Students must be studying or they will be asked to leave.
  • Service areas: Circulation Desk, Reference Desk.

Cell phone conversations are not allowed anywhere in the Library. Please TEXT not TALK.

Consequences of noise or disruptive behaviour:

Library Staff Reserves the Right to:

  • Ask the student to lower his/her voice.
  • Ask the student to move to another place in the Library.
  • Ask for the student’s Vanier ID card, which students must carry at all times.
  • Ask the student to leave the Library.
  • Call Security and have the student removed from the Library.
  • Suspend library privileges.
  • Report the incident to Student Services, resulting in long-term repercussions.

The above regulations can be downloaded in PDF form here.