Jefferson Mendoza

Jefferson Mendoza completed the liberal arts program in 2002. The program challenged him to think deeper, write better and strengthened his reading skills even if English is not his mother tongue. His tenacity to succeed enabled him to pursue a degree in journalism at Concordia University. He is now the online editor of CFO Innovation Asia in Hong Kong, an online publication that caters to the needs of Chief Financial Officers and other top-tier executives. And on the weekends, he is a freelance reporter for other media outlets.

Ramy Ibrahim

“I was attracted to the Liberal Arts program because it offered a chance to study the subjects and materials which shaped our western culture, while being part of a community of teachers and students. It gave me just that, while also teaching me valuable reading and writing skills. I used these skills throughout law school, and still rely on them in my legal career, while trying to shape a convincing argument, or while drafting a proceeding. I have also made lifelong friends with some of the people I met at Vanier. I recommend this program to anyone interested in the liberal arts, and who is looking to be challenged and engaged by dedicated teachers.”

Dominique Biggs

“My name is Dominique, and I am currently a law student at the Université de Montréal.
There was a lot of long, complex readings to do in Liberal Arts, but ultimately it prepared me for law school because I had to develop good reading and study techniques, as well as understanding which parts of a 60-page text were most worth memorizing. Essays are a great part of Liberal Arts program, and of course, essay writing and its inherent argumentation were excellent preparation for both my ongoing law degree and my Bachelor’s in history.
I really enjoyed my time in the Liberal Arts program at Vanier, and still look back at it fondly. The small class size means you get to know your teachers very well, which in turn means that they’re always welcoming. And you get to know your fellow students as well – I’m still friends with people I’ve met in Liberal Arts!”

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