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1. The Present Simple

2. The Present Progressive

3. The Present Simple vs. The Present Progressive

4. The Past Simple

5. The Past Simple vs. The Past Progressive

6. The Present Simple, the Past Simple and Used to

7. The Present Perfect

8. The Past Simple vs The Present Perfect

9. The Present Perfect Simple vs. The Present Perfect Progressive

10. The Past Perfect

11. The Future

12. The Future Progressive

10 Tips for Using English Now: An Online Tutorial

1. Start with Unit 1.

2. Each unit teaches you one verb tense (e.g. Unit 1 - The Present Simple).

3. In each unit, do the exercises in order.

4. Read all instructions carefully.

5. Use the buttons at the top or bottom of each page to move to the next page.

6. Words that are underlined are vocabulary words that will be used in the crossword puzzles at the end of each unit.

7. Between exercises, there are rule pages:
- Make sure you read the rules carefully.
- You will need them to do the exercises that follow.

8. You can move from one answer box to the next using the TAB key on your keyboard. (Note: this is very useful for dictation exercises.)

9. Technical Requirements:
- The most recent browsers (e.g. IE 6.0, Netscape 7.2, Mozilla 1.7.3, and Firefox 1.0)
- An MP3 player (e.g. Windows Media Player, WinAmp, Real Player, QuickTime, and iTunes)
- Speakers or earphones

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