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Language School

Our students

The Language School is proud to host students from all over the world.  Check out our gallery to see photos of our campus and students.

L’école de langues est fière d’accueillir des étudiants de partout dans le monde.  Cliquez pour voir notre galerie de photos.

What did you like most about Vanier?

“I think that the small class facilitates more interaction between teacher and students, also between students. Because we are a small group, the teacher has more time to listen to each student and help them. This social interaction permits a better knowledge and a better understanding about other cultures. It also allows an openness between students. In my opinion, the small classes are a good idea. The test each Monday seems very stimulating and motivating also.”

-Joslyne Vierginat André; Haiti

“Small amount of students in the group. Comfortable classrooms. Cozy atmosphere. Interesting books. Very good teacher (individual approach to students).”

– Ksenia Kurganovslaya; Russia

“Studying English in Vanier College was very good for me, because I had a lot of opportunities to learn English with a good teacher and a good small group. The students were from a variety of countries. I think it is excellent.”

– Jorge Luis Pérez Medina

“I really like the games in the class that everybody enjoyed very much and makes every student closer. We have oral presentations that are a good way to improve our speaking English. I like to study in Vanier College Language School.”

– Jack; China

“I like the trips a lot because it’s easier to learn a language when you do something different from staying in a class in front of a book. I also enjoyed the debates between students to learn something of other cultures. I’ve found the oral presentations funny and useful to feel good about speaking in front of people in a language that’s not yours.”

– Karim Decaneva; Italy

“The thing I like the most about Vanier is the program they teach us here. It is rich and interesting.”

– Hung Nguyen; Vietnam

“The small classes were the first thing I liked about the Language School. In my class, the maximum members are 7 so I have more opportunities to talk. All students are from many countries in the world so I’m interested in having new friends.”

– Nguyen Kim Viet; Vietnam

“What I liked most about Vanier College is at a small class we have many different cultures which contains nothing in common. So that forces us to talk in English and as a result we have got a good development in our spoken English. And also learning through games and outdoor activities made the course more enjoyable and exciting. The teacher was very generous and also I’ve enjoyed a very friendly environment.

– Nusrat Tasnima; Bangladesh

“I likes the small number of students in the class, the activities, everything!”

– Elomari Hicham; Morocco

“I like this class, because all our lessons were fascinating, interesting and I didn’t notice that time passed. Also, I like to study practical and useful English. All the people at the Language School are always friendly and having a small group is a big benefit too.”

Olga Sushchenko – Ukraine