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Language School

About Us

The Vanier College Language School sits on a lovely, eco-friendly campus, where students enjoy its green space in autumn, spring and summer to hang out or participate in school activities. Our mission at the Vanier College Language School is to help students succeed in school and in life. Since opening our doors in 2001, various learners have chosen our reputable English and French non-credit programs to improve their proficiency for career and pre-university studies, work and cultural integration. With the trust students put in us to achieve their goals, we believe our duty is to provide positive and innovative learning that challenges and builds confidence.

Our reputation, developed mainly through word-of-mouth, is based on 3 simple principles about learning: make it positive, inspiring and individualized. To maintain this quality of education, our team of certified teachers has access to resources that integrate either language and academic skills or language and life skills. In addition, we encourage innovative on-the-move learning, which gets students speaking to locals or in everyday contexts.

Linked to a public college known for its community initiatives, Vanier College Language School also believes in community development. One longstanding partnership with Montrealers of Mandarin-speaking cultures serves to maintain a bond with tradition. In recent years, our commitment to this belief has guided us in connecting with communities across borders. Further, because our Language School is committed to international development, we most recently offer foreign languages for professional and recreational communication. These non-credit courses allow locals to acquire or brush up on skills for international exchange. Vanier College Language School views language as a tool to develop minds, confidence and life.