In April, 2014, International Education was awarded a grant from the Ministry of Education for its project, Developing intercultural competencies that promote student success. This project linked with General Education to promote practices in the classroom that favoured inclusivity of our diverse student population. The project involved selecting one facilitator from each of Humanities (Kim Matthews), English (Alan Wong), and French (Rachel Jobin). These teachers, along with Jennifer Joseph, International Education, participated in training at Queen’s University International Centre (QUIC) during the summer of 2014 or at the Canadian Bureau of International Education (CBIE) in the fall to develop a greater understanding in the field of intercultural competencies. These teachers came back to their departments in the fall and winter semesters to interview fellow teachers about their practices in promoting the inclusive classroom. They then reported to members of their departments about what they had found. These reports are linked below. These three teachers, along with Dean, Eric Lozowy; the Pedagogical Development Office, Willie Brown; and the International Education Office, Jennifer Joseph and Judy Macdonald designed and implemented the conference, Inclusion in/en Action: A Conference on Diversity in College Education/Un colloque sur la diversité dans l’enseignement collegial. (See Events.)

Report from the French Department, Rachel Jobin


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