This program is designed to help faculty members develop teaching practices and/or to enrich their area of knowlege abroad. Priority will be given to tenured teachers.

Vanier College Procedures for Faculty Mobility Projects

  1. For a faculty mobility grant, consult with the International Education Office at least two months in advance of the proposal deadline to assess project feasibility and alignment with the Strategic Plan and other College goals. Projects will be selected for submission to Cégep international, the funding agency, based on these criteria. In the case of several submissions, all of which meet the criteria, a committee will select which project(s) to submit to Cégep international.
  2. Obtain approval from your Department Coordinator and Faculty Dean.
  3. Develop the proposal in collaboration with the International Education Office. International Education will submit the proposal to Cégep international on your behalf.
  4. Follow the procedures in the Protocol for Vanier College Personnel: Faculty Mobility Projects for travel and accounting procedures and for all other procedures related to faculty mobility projects.

Eligible Activities

  • Teaching or lecturing abroad in a course or seminar offered to students or teachers at an institution of higher learning.
  • Participating as a scholar in scientific, technological or educational reseach at an institution of higher learning.
  • Acquiring different innovative models in one’s area of expertise and activities related to student recruitment.

Note that this project does not fund participation in seminars or conferences.

Documents Required

  • Application form including a description of project objectives, detailed activities schedule, predicted outcomes, estimated budget (including other funding sources, if any), and description of how your project aligns with the goals set forth by Vanier College.
  • Proof of estimated transportation costs
  • An invitation from the host institution
  • A letter of support from the Academic Dean
  • A final report upon completion of the project with receipts


  • The project must be at least two weeks long.

Amount Granted

The award covers the cost of airfare and living expenses of up to $3,000 per project. Please note teachers may not receive more than one funded project per year from Cégep international.

For more information about this program, visit the Cégep international website.

Important: Teachers are required to fulfill their employment responsibilities even if the project requires an absence from work for project activities.

Submission Deadlines

– October 2013 for projects taking place from November to April.
– March 2014 for projects taking place from May to October.

For more information, contact Jennifer Joseph at or visit the International Education Office.

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