1. Read the policy on fund-raising at Vanier. You must have the approval of Student Services to carry out fund-raising projects.
  2. Bake sales: Although bake sales are labour – intensive, you can make several hundred dollars during one sale if you have several friends helping you out.

    • You need to schedule this sale during Universal Break.
    • You must be located in a high traffic area.
    • You need signs to indicate what cause you are raising money for.
    • You need to be outgoing to attract customers.
    • You need a variety of goods to sell. Fellow students appreciate chocolate and reasonable prices.
  3. Chocolate bar sales: You need to contact a supplier and understand all the conditions involved before undertaking this kind of fund-raising. You will probably have to pay for shipping and, if you order too many chocolate bars, you may have to pay for their return. Make sure you understand your profit margin. You may order chocolate bars from a number of sources including:

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