Vanier College encourages student trips that offer educational opportunities aligned with the Academic Success Plan, and course objectives. At the same time, the College must ensure that all trips are undertaken with the highest standards of safety. Consequently, we are asking you to respect the following guidelines which have been established to support you and your students.

  1. Complete the Proposal for the trip and confirm approval with your Coordinator and Dean. Your Dean will send you a copy of the signed form for your files.
  2. Check the trip location.
    • Call location to confirm opening hours, activities, group rates and requirements, and travel directions.
    • Reserve activity and transportation, if necessary. If you require a bus, go through Purchasing (Fiorella De Luca Calce, ext. 7518) to obtain an estimate so that the Dean can approve the expense and provide a budget code.
  3. Consent and Waiver
    • Give the Consent and Waiver Forms to the students well in advance to make sure the form can be handed in on time. Students who are under 18 cannot go on a trip without a Consent and Waiver Form signed by a parent or guardian.
    • You should take the Consent and Waiver Form with the contact info on the trip.
    • You may decide on your own rules for student behaviour for your trip.
  4. Student Itinerary (Optional) While the Itinerary is not required, ensure that the students do have the following information:
    • name, phone number and address of the trip location.
    • meeting spots and times.
    • your name and cellphone number.
  5. Student List
    • Faculty should have a list of all participants including their cell phone numbers (if available).
    • A copy of the list should also be left with the Faculty Dean.
  6. All students should take on the trip:
    • medicare card and other identification.
    • emergency money.
    • charged cellphones (if available).

Please take note:

Q: Can children or friends of teachers or staff participate in a trip?
A: Unfortunately not. Only Vanier students may go on Vanier trips.

Q: Can outsiders to Vanier be included if they are working on a service or other kind of contract on the trip?
A: Yes, they can as long as they are Vanier employees on the trip.

Q: For an evening event, for example, an outing to the theatre, is the protocol required?
A: These protocol are required if the event is a requirement of the course but not if it is only a suggested event.

Q: What does a teacher do with the Consent and Waiver forms after a trip?
A: Because the forms contain confidential information, please shred them.

Q: Can all trips for a semester be included on one trip proposal form and one consent form?
A: Yes. Simply add an attachment if the present forms can’t accommodate all the information.

Q: Does the trip protocol extend to students at the field station?
A: No, because the field station is considered part of Vanier.

Q: Does a teacher have to accompany the students of his/her class on a bus that has been rented to take these students to a trip location?
A: Yes, this is the teacher’s responsibility.

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