Julie Bramond in China

Julie Bramond moved to Quebec 7 years ago, working as a teaching assistant while doing her PHD in literature at UQAM. Then in 2011, Chris Hall, coordinator of the Language School at the time, hired her as a French teacher, and later, Julie was one of the main teachers for our Danish students. When our […]

Jailson De Lima in Toronto

Jailson Lima from the Chemistry Department presented the workshop Using Creativity to Promote Deep Understanding of Chemistry Concepts during the 23rd IUPAC International Conference on Chemistry Education held in Toronto in July.  Using an active-learning approach, participants learned how to design creative assessments inspired by the Art & Science Project (www.artandchemistry.ca) by experiencing it from […]

Intercultural Training at Queen’s University

In June 2014, three teachers and one staff member attended courses and workshops at the Queen’s International Education Training Program Summer Institute in Kingston, Ontario. Topics included cultural skills development, effective intercultural communication and strategies on internationalizing the campus as well as training workshops dedicated to cultural facilitation and diversity training. The training course is […]

Charlotte Marcella in Germany

In November 2013 at Vanier’s Open House, Axel Mews, a teacher from OSZ Barnim College, Germany, approached the Early Childhood Education (ECE) department with the idea of partnering with Vanier. Both Colleges have three year programs in ECE and the ages of the students are similar. The following months of discussion with Judy Macdonald, and […]

Brandee Diner in Belize

With support from Vanier College’s International Office and the Faculty of Careers and Technical Programs, Brandee Diner,  Coordinator of the Department of Environmental and Wildlife Management (EWM) spent one month in Belize at the Toucan Ridge Ecology and Education Society (T.R.E.E.S). T.R.E.E.S is an organization dedicated to conserving Belize’s natural and cultural heritage through education, […]

Rhys Adams and Shirley Zhu in China

With the support and funding from both International Education and a CEGEP International grant, Rhys Adams (Vanier Physics department) and Gregory Mulcair (John Abbott Physics and Engineering Technologies departments) accompanied Modern Languages teacher Shirley Zhu to China during January 2-15 to promote pedagogical approaches in student-centered learning to four institutions. Rhys and Gregory visited Changchun […]

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