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International Education

Julie Bramond in China

Julie Bramond, who has taught French in the Language School for the last several years, is currently teaching at Vanier’s partner in China, Qufu Normal University for the fall semester.  Julie has been particularly successful in introducing active learning techniques to her different classes. Her students have appreciated role-plays, making videos, and improvisations. She has changed her teacher-centred classroom into a student-centred classroom.

Julie represented Vanier College at the Quebec-Shandong Conference of International Education on October 28. This  Conference  was presented  by Vanier and Marie-Victorin in Jinan, the capital of Shandong Province.  A  group of approximately 25 vocational college teachers and administrators participated in the Conference where Marie-Victorin presented competency-based instruction and Julie presented the  active learning strategies that she has introduced to her classroom at Qufu. Her audience gave her a very positive evaluation, particularly her efforts to speak Mandarin. One audience member praised Julie’s “pure and traditional method of speaking”; this is partly thanks to the instruction in Mandarin received by Julie from Shirley Zhu, Vanier’s Mandarin teacher, before Julie set off to China in late August.

Julie was also helpful to Vanier as she helped receive the two students currently studying Mandarin at Qufu Normal University this school year. That welcome served to help orient these students to the different culture of China and facilitated their entry to the University.

Julie Bramond in China

Julie Bramond moved to Quebec 7 years ago, working as a teaching assistant while doing her PHD in literature at UQAM. Then in 2011, Chris Hall, coordinator of the Language School at the time, hired her as a French teacher, and later, Julie was one of the main teachers for our Danish students.

When our partner institution, Qufu Normal University, located in Qufu, China, sent out a call for French teachers for the fall 2014 semester, she was happy to respond. Julie took mandarin lessons with Shirley Zhu, from our Modern Languages department, who also helped prepare her for her time teaching abroad.

While in China, Julie will be promoting French education abroad by teaching several classes, focusing on French literature, grammar and oral communication. She was chosen because of her skill set and knowledge and dedication to teaching.

We are very fortunate to have Julie on location, as she will be also acting as a guide to our 2 students, Rachel Lebrun and Aleksandra Ivaylova Vutova, who will be spending this year learning Mandarin in Qufu.

We are very proud of Julie for what she will accomplish.