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About AECs

What is an AEC – Attestation d’études collégiales?

AECs (Attestation d’études collégiales) are fully credited Cegep technical programs that are generally of shorter duration than the three-year technical DECs.  They are composed of credited courses. Some AECs may be taken part-time. Some are also available in a full-time basis either as intensive or fast-track programs.

AECs are designed for mature students who have completed Secondary V at least twelve months previously and want to re-orient themselves professionally or re-train to improve their career advancement or employment opportunities.

AECs are created by colleges in response to various technical educational needs demonstrated by industries, businesses, and other work related areas.  Most AECs are created by colleges and can be unique to the Cegep that creates them and some AECs are also developed by the Ministry of Education, Leisure and Sport and offered at cégeps throughout the province.

AECs may or may not be subsidized by MELS. When they are not funded by MELS they are self-financed and students must pay tuition fees determined by the college.