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IPDR Office

Institutional and Pedagogical Development and Research

IPDR Office

Annual Program Review

The IDR Office provides data on an annual basis to programs to enable programs to better tailor the curriculum to the needs of their specific students. These data cover the previous five to ten cohorts (depending on the data and its source) and include various characteristics of the incoming students, for example incoming high school averages, as well as various indicators of academic success, such as first semester course pass rates and graduation rates. Where available, data from the same program as offered in the rest of the Reseau are also supplied for comparison purposes. These data are often referred to as Key Performance Indicators (KPI). We are hoping in the near future to be able to include rendement scolaire-type data and further information on university success rates of our graduates in future KPI reports.

The IDR Office provides the KPI to the Faculty Deans, who then distribute the information specific to each program to the appropriate program coordinator. This usually happens in February or March each year. Staff of the IDR Office are available to meet with groups such as program committees or individuals to explain and assist with the interpretation of these data. KPI can also be refined to some extent if additional data is required.

Click here to see 2002-2011 Key Performance Indicators (KPI) (produced May 2013).

For further information about the KPI, please contact any staff member of the IDR Office.