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Employee Fitness

Employee Fitness Program Winter 2018

Start the New Year off on the right foot and by registering in an Employee Fitness Class.

You can get fit, have fun and reduce stress in a positive group environment.

Take a look at the classes that will be offered in this semester.

There is something for everyone so keep on reading!

Winter 2018 Group Fitness Schedule

All Classes will take place from 12:05-1:00

Session will start on January 29th  and end on May 14th






The Challenge
Yoga Flow
Box Fit 
Boot Camp
No Class on
Easter Monday 
April 2nd 
No Classes during 
Vanier March Break 
March 19th – 23rd 
Masters Swim 
Tai Chi
4:40-5:40 Yoga Flow 
2018 Registration Fees PAYMENT INFORMATION

Complete the registration form on page 3 and submit your registration
to Shawna Lambert (G220) by FRIDAY, February 2nd.Feel free to try the
classes for free the week of Jan. 29th – Feb. 2nd. 
If you have any questions please contact Shawna Lambert ext 7507

15 Week Session

Session start on January 29th  and ends on May 14th
Registration in

1 class
Registration in

2 classes
Registration in

3 classes
Registration in

4 or more
$ 90.00
$ 130.00
$ 165.00
$ 190.00
2018 Class Descriptions

The Challenge (Monday 12-1 in G202)
This class has been designed to allow you to monitor your fitness
level throughout the semester.  The class will start with a set 
warm-up and then you will complete a few fitness test 
challenges (i.e. Push-ups, curl-ups etc.). Each week we will 
record your results so that you can celebrate your improvements!
Once that is done we will start the 30 minute Challenge 
Workout of the Day (WOD) that I will guide you through. 
The workout will be a combination of muscular conditioning
and cardiovascular exercises. Once you are done you will 
complete your stretches and be on your way.

Yoga Flow (Tuesday 12-1 in G202) + (Thursday4:40-5:40 in G202)
Jessica will lead you through a variety of Yoga movement sequences
designed to improve strength, posture, flexibility and stamina. 
Participants will learn a variety of yoga poses, proper body 
alignment, breathing and relaxation techniques.
Stretch your mind and body.

P90X (Tuesday 12-1 in G232) 
A full body High Intensity interval training workout designed
to improve cardio, muscle strength/endurance, muscle tone and 
increase caloric expenditure. All exercises can be modified 
to suit your level

BOXFIT (Wednesday 12-1 in the Palestre – G157)
So very happy that Shady from Ambition Boxing Club has 
finally agreed to come and share his love for fitness and 
boxing with Vanier. You can expect a self-empowering experience
that will have you begging for more. The workout will involve
learning basic boxing techniques – punches, jabs, slips, 
uppercuts, footwork and of course an awesome / killer ab workout.
Boxing gloves and hand wraps will be available to use with an 
option to purchase your own set once you fall in love!  
Yoga is not the only way to destress guys – hitting a punching 
bag or focus pads can do wonders for your soul, agility, 
strength and stamina.

Bootcamp (Thursday 12-1 in G202)
A full body workout designed to improve cardio, muscle strength,
endurance, muscle tone, metabolism and psychological toughness.
Bring your body, heart and soul to this class. All exercises 
can be modified to suit your fitness level and personal needs.

Masters Swim Fitness Club (Thursday 12-1 in the Pool)
Open to swimmers of all levels. Jessica will be on deck 
with the swim workout of the day which will be adapted to 
suit the needs and swim levels of each master. The class will
focus on cardiovascular development, stroke improvement and 
personal goal achievement.

Tai Chi (Int./Adv. Levels) (Thursday 12-1 in the Palestre – G157)
Tai Chi movements work on more than 700 parts of the human body, 
helping to strengthen muscle as well as to maintain elastic 
ligaments, flexible tendons and mobile joints. This meditation
in motion class involves performing calm and relaxed movements
that will improve respiration, improve blood circulation and 
reduce high blood pressure. No need to change before the class.


Pilates (Friday 12-1 in G202)
This Pilates class is a blend of muscle conditioning,
pilates and yoga exercises. The first half of the class 
will focus on a variety of muscle conditioning exercises 
for the upper and lower body using weights, tubing and 
exercise balls. The second half of the class will focus on 
core strength and postural alignment and flexibility.

Please make cheque payable to VANIER COLLEGE and return with the 
registration form below to Shawna Lambert (G 220), by FRIDAY, February 2nd
or Pay directly in accounting and return the form below with your receipt of payment
to Shawna Lambert (G 220), by FRIDAY, February 2nd
Upon receipt of payment, I will send you a receipt to use for professional development.

4 or more activities per week ………………………….. $190.00
3 activities per week ………………………….. $165.00
2 activities per week ………………………….. $ 130.00
1 activity per week ………………………….. $   90.00

NB: A minimum of 8 registrations / class is necessary.
It is a possible that a class may be cancelled due to low registration.
If this is the case you will be notified and you will be reimbursed for that class.