An important feature of the CÉGEP system is that it requires all students to pursue the goals of a general education. No matter what specialization students choose, CÉGEP provides them with the disciplined development of those insights, skills and values that are important for personal growth as human beings. Well-rounded graduates from all fields are highly valued in the workplace for their creativity, articulateness, critical thinking and the broader skills which are part of the mandate of General Education courses. The Goals of General Education, as defined by the Quebec Ministry of Education, are:
  1. To provide students with a common cultural core
  2. To help them learn and develop generic skills
  3. To prepare them for their roles as responsible members of society
  4. To enable them to share in the common cultural heritage
Students achieve these goals through the General Education component of their programs. This consists of:
  • Courses in English, Humanities, French, and Physical Education collectively known as "General Education"
  • Complementary courses chosen from outside the student's field of concentration.
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General Education courses are sequenced to help students develop the insights and competencies appropriate for graduation from college. Courses are also designed to capture the interests and answer to the program needs of a broad range of students.

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