Vanier students enrolled in Social Science 300.C0 in English and French will take some courses at Cégep de Saint-Laurent, which will consist of four French courses as part of the General Education component of their program, and some of their social science courses. The program will thus provide them the experience of studying French in the context of a francophone institution.

Upon completion of this new program, students will write the French Exit Exam as well as the English Exit Exam, thus ensuring that their acquisition of a second language is of a high level of proficiency.

Advantages of Social Science 300.C0 in English and French:

  • Students acquire a mastery of both French and English at a very high level of proficiency.
  • Students increase their intercultural awareness by attending classes in two different linguistic and cultural contexts.
  • Students deepen their knowledge of the common values of Québec society.
  • Students obtain official recognition of proficiency in both languages.
  • Students will be prepared to attend university in both French and English.
  • Students definitely increase and improve their employability skills.


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