Refunds BEFORE the semester delete date (usually a date approximately 4 weeks after the first day of classes.) are paid provided the student deletes a course or withdraws from the college.

A refund (less the $20 Registration Fee) will be issued for the following fees provided that the student has officially withdrawn from the College by the delete deadline for the semester:

  • Auxiliary Services Fee
  • Services Related to Studies Fee
  • Vanier College Students Association (if applicable)
  • International Baccalaureate Program Fees (if applicable)
  • courses outside a student’s program of studies fee (if applicable)
  • Quebec non-resident fees (if applicable)
  • Tuition Fees (if applicable)
  • Locker Fee (if applicable)

Intersession Courses

A full refund of Intersession course fees will be issued providing the course has been officially deleted before the starting date.

Intensive Physical Education Courses

A refund less $35.00 will be issued for a course deleted by the delete deadline for the specific Intensive Physical Education course or the semester delete deadline for the semester, whichever is earlier.

Usually there are no refunds after the semester delete deadline.

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