Our Students

"I thought the Explorations Preparatory Session was fantastic, because it helped me decide which program to go into and which career I was going to choose. At this moment I am in Social Science getting my DEC, and then I want to go into law."
- Angelica

"I found the preparatory session very useful because I passed all my Math and Science courses to get into the program I wanted."
- Michelle

"During my time in Explorations I got the opportunity to learn more about the program that interested me by interviewing both a student and a teacher. This was great because it gave me the chance to see what the workload was like according to the student I spoke with and what the actual course material would be. The most effective part of Explorations for me though was the focus on organization and planning that helped me to raise my poor grades to the acceptable average for the Computer Science program. Other advantages to being in the session were completing my complementary courses and the motivation of actually having high grades for once."
- Michel

"I was in Explorations for two semesters and I most certainly enjoyed it. It helped me realize what I really wanted to do and at the same time, helped me get the extra courses I needed. I think everyone can benefit from these Preparatory Sessions."
- Eleftheria

"Presently, I am studying Nursing at Vanier College. I learned all the basic requirements like basic computer skills, essay writing, and class presentations. I found the real importance of this session when I started my program. On the first day, all new students were struggling with many things, and I was totally relaxed because I was coming through Explorations. Finally, I can say that Explorations was really good for me."
- Pratapbhai

"The Explorations preparatory session was helpful since I now know what is expected of me. What I liked about it was that it gave me a chance to transit from the work force back to the student life. It is difficult to come right into student life and cope with the full workload. Explorations helped me to ease my way back. I am hoping to get into the Nursing program next fall."
- Diane