Important: Participants must download, complete and then return this Consent and
Medical form

The completed form must then be submitted by hand to either Neil Caplan (office N-542) or to Matthieu Sossoyan (office A-456), or, it should be sent to them via internal mail (Printshop, B-121).

A Mandatory Orientation Meeting for all travelers to NYC and DC will be held
on Wednesday, March 9th from 5:30-7:00 pm in the Theatre Room, B323.


Trip for Tolerance: important information and guidelines

Every student participating in the Trip for Tolerance is required to read the information presented on this page, and sign the consent and medical form provided just above. This will ensure that the Trip for Tolerance provides all participants with a secure, organized and valuable educational experience.

1) Sponsorships:

The Vanier College "Trip for Tolerance" is a collaborative effort sponsored by Vanier's Jewish Studies Program, Science-Plus Program, the Jewish Community Foundation of Montreal, the Kleinmann Family Foundation, Vanier Student Services Department, the C.O.R.E Connection, The Learning Centre, the Office of the Director-General, the Office of the Academic Dean, the Faculty of Social Science, Commerce, Arts & Letters and the Faculty of Science and General Studies.

2) Payment:

$300. (This amount includes hotel, bus and entrance fees.)

A) To confirm a registration, a student must pay a $100.00 deposit immediately. This payment is to be made at the Accounting Office (3rd floor of the H-Building) anytime between 8.30 and 4.30. The student must specify that the payment is for the Trip for Tolerance. This deposit will confirm the student's place on the bus.
B) The student must return to the Accounting Office and pay the balance of $200.

3) Trip Leaders:

Neil Caplan (Humanities, Jewish Studies) 744-7500 ext. 7152, room N542
Jack Hirschberg (Psychology, Jewish Studies) 744-7500 ext.7718, room A452
Marcia Goldberg (English, Jewish Studies) 744-7500 ext.7270, room N552
Ganesh Harilal (Political Science), 744-7500, ext 7233, room N-327
Angelika Maeser-Lemieux (English, Jewish Studies) 744-7500 ext 7581, room N554
Jacqui Paull (Mathematics, Science-Plus) 744-7500 ext.7041, room D268
Karen Tennenhouse (Physics) 744-7500 ext. 7444 , room D-266
Matthieu Sossoyan (Anthropology 744-7500 ext. 7354, room A-456

4) Important Travel Documents:

1) All participants must have the following document:
- Quebec Medicare Card and / or Driver's License

2) All participants must have one of the following:
a) Canadian Passport
b) Quebec Birth certificate
c) Canadian citizenship card
d) Valid foreign passport & valid visa for US visit

See this page for more important information on traveling to the USA:

5) Health Insurance (extremely recommended):

If your private or family insurance policy, or credit card, does not cover you fully for medical emergencies in the US, you can obtain the necessary coverage quickly by phoning Blue Cross, (514) 286-8403. More information is provided here:


Sunday, March 20
7.30 am : Departure from Vanier College
4:00 PM : Arrival in New York City, check in at Arlington Hotel
Late afternoon / evening - leisure time: shopping, Times Square, Fifth Avenue, etc.

Monday, March 21
Morning and early afternoon: Visit to Ellis Island
Late afternoon: Chinatown / Canal Street / Saint-Patrick's Cathedral or other options

Tuesday, March 22
9:00 a.m. - Departure for Washington DC and check in at Red Roof Inn
2:00 p.m. - Arab-American Institute
4:00 p.m. - Anti-Defamation League
Evening - Free time visits: Lincoln Memorial, Vietnam & Korean War memorials, Mall

Wednesday, March 23
10.00 a.m. - US Holocaust Memorial Museum
2.00 p.m. Afternon at the Smithsonian and visit of Lincoln Memorial
6.00 p.m. Communal summer

Thursday March 24
11.00 a.m. - Islamic Center and Grand Mosque
1.00 p.m. - Afternoon at the Smithsonian Institution and on the Mall
7.00. p.m. - Supper
9.00. p.m. - Departure for Montreal

Friday, March 25 (Good Friday)
Mid- or Late morning - Arrival at Vanier College

7) General Conditions & Educational Considerations

1. All students agree to keep a daily journal which they will submit at the end of the Trip. Prize money is set aside for the best journals. An essay contest will also be created to encourage essay-writing deriving from the "Trip for Tolerance."

2. All students agree to participate in local orientation and group preparation sessions before March 20. Dates and events to be announced.

3. All students are encouraged to integrate relevant course-work into the Trip for Tolerance by making individual arrangements with teachers who may be willing to create course assignments connected with this trip.

4. All students agree to participate in all the visits and activities on the Trip for Tolerance itinerary.

5. Student free-time activity during the Trip must be done in coordination with teachers (trip leaders) and in groups only.

6. After returning from the Trip, all students agree to make themselves available to speak to interested audiences about their experiences on the Trip for Tolerance.

8) Safety, Security, Comfort, Decorum

1. All participants must obey all US laws, including the law that prohibits people under 21 years of age from buying alcoholic beverages.

2. Participants must NOT bring any of the following on the Trip:
a. Precious or valuable items
b. Alcohol
c. Heavy items

3. Participants should bring
a. appropriate clothing for rain or cold weather (while traveling light)
b. tapes or videos for the bus
c. US$ pocket money
d. phone calling card

4. Student free-time activity during the Trip must be done in coordination with teachers (trip leaders) and in groups only.

5. Please do not litter and smoke on the bus

6. Out of consideration for fellow-passengers and for keeping to the Trip's tight itinerary, everyone must be super-punctual about returning to the bus following a rest-stop or educational visit.

7. Except for rare instances, students will not be permitted to wander around without a teacher. Small groups can explore different areas of a city, but this must be done in the company of a teacher.

NOTE: Our fundraising special event, BEATLES NIGHT held on the evening of February 10th in the Auditorium was a tremendous success. Most in attendance agreed it was the most fun they'd had at any similar event in a long, long time. The group, Replay, Canada's #1 Beatles tribute band, was simply amazing. Their imitation of the Beatles was spot on. With much singing-along, clapping and dancing in the aisles, what a wonderful way to raise funds for such a worthy cause!

To view a movie file of the band, click here. (8.7 MB WMV file.)
Also, you can check out Replay's web site.