The Kleinmann Family Foundation
Twelfth Annual Cégep Holocaust Symposium

Yehudi Lindeman
Brief Biography

Born in Holland in March 1938, during the week of the German invasion and occupation of Austria know as the Anschluss, Yehudi Lindeman was four years old when he went into hiding.
“It was the beginning of an itinerant existence that would take me to at least fifteen different locations, none of them stable or permanent. I stayed at several other farms, both poor and prosperous, at a dentist’s house, a flower shop, a butter factory, the list goes on and on, and I don’t even remember all of them. The only sense of stability I felt was when yet another stranger, some young man or woman, (a courier working for the resistance, no doubt), would take me once again to a new place of hiding, usually on the back of a bicycle. I recall feeling very safe during those many nocturnal rides, sitting close to the person in front of me, the sound of the bicycle’s tires steady and reassuring in the night. I think they gave me the only sense of faith that I ever had during those years.”