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Vanier College Foundation at the Service of the College

The Foundation is a registered non-profit organization committed to helping Vanier College maintain its high academic standing and enhancing the educational life of its students. Incorporated November 10, 1992, and governed by a Board of 22 persons recognized for their concern for education and their contributions to the community, this independent entity is devoted to:

  • Offering financial assistance to students with established needs;
  • Recognizing academic achievement by students in the Pre-University, Profession (Applied Technology) and Continuing Education sectors through the awarding of bursaries and scholarships;
  • Supporting those programs and services which result in direct benefits to Vanier students;
  • Contributing towards the successful pursuit of the goals and objectives of Vanier College and its Mission;
  • Fostering an interest in higher education among the public at large; and
  • Promoting and encouraging “Excellence in Education.”

The Vanier College Foundation works to increase the financial resources available to the College so that it may continue to support its faculty and staff and offer quality education to its students in a stimulating and enriching environment. The resources, made available through the College, are designated as:

  • Scholarships and bursaries
  • Emergency bursaries for students in financial need
  • Support for special projects
  • Purchase of equipment
  • Music equipment Treble Fund
  • Purchase of musical instruments
  • Travel support and equipment for student activities
Vanier College has developed a worthy and laudable Tradition. It is a Dynamic, Mission-led, Caring and Results-Oriented institution deserving our Respect, Encouragement, Preservation and Enhancement.






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