Information Regarding Applying For A Position With The English Department (Updated April 2009)


To apply to teach with the English Department, you must submit an application to the Human Resources Department at Vanier College during the posting period (See Job Postings section below).

Your application must include a cover letter and current resumé. You must be sure to include the posting number for the position to which you are applying and to sign the cover letter. If you do not include the posting number and your signature, your application will not be considered.

Job Postings: Positions available with the College are posted on the Vanier College home page, under Quick Links, Vanier Employment Opportunities. It is important to note that the postings appear only for a limited amount of time (usually about two weeks) and applications must be received by the deadline indicated in the posting.



When to Apply

Postings for teaching English during the summer and fall sessions generally appear on the web site between mid-March and early May. It is a good idea to check the site weekly for new postings during this period. Postings for the winter session generally appear between mid-October and early December. Again, check the web site regularly for new postings.

Day Teaching / Continuing Education / Summer School: It is important to note that there are separate postings for teaching English with the regular day division, with Continuing Education, and with Summer School.

You must apply to each of the postings to be eligible to be considered for teaching in each division. In other words, if you are interested in teaching regular day or Cont Ed courses in the fall semester, but only apply to the Summer School posting that may appear in April, missing the fall semester day division and Cont Ed postings, you cannot be hired to teach in the fall.



Additional Information

The posting indicates the minimum qualifications required for a position. To teach English language and literature courses with the Vanier English Department, the minimum qualification is a Masters degree in the discipline. However, because Vanier has a large number of students for whom English is not their first language, we are particularly interested in applicants who have a Masters in English and qualifications and/or experience teaching English as a Second Language. An understanding of current practices and theories of Language Arts and ESL pedagogy is also very helpful.

In particular, basic information on constructing course outlines can be found by clicking on the Current English Teachers link from the English web page. This page also contains other Department documents which may be informative to applicants. A basic understanding of the Quebec cegep system and the level of English courses offered within the system is also important.



Applicants should also be aware that few new teachers obtain full-time teaching workloads when beginning to teach with the English Department. Most new teachers will need to teach part-time loads, often divided between the day division, Continuing Education and Summer School, for several semesters. Once some seniority has been obtained through part-time teaching, full-time workloads become available.

Vanier College Language School: Within the College is an autonomous school for second language teaching called the Vanier College Language School. To apply to teach at the language school, send a cover letter and resumé to the Director of the Language School, Judy MacDonald.

For additional information, consult the Contact Us page.

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