All new students are required to complete the On-Line English Placement Test.

The On-Line English Placement Test is used to determine which of the Introduction to College English (603-101) courses students will take in their first semester of studies at Vanier.

The different types of Introduction to College English (603-101) courses are designed to meet the needs of students who have a variety of language backgrounds and English language skills.

Some students who have English as a second language difficulties may be required to complete the Preparation for College English course (603-001 / 002) before they can take the Introduction to College English course.

The results of the English Placement Test are made available to students through the Omnivox system prior to registration.

New students will be contacted by the college with information about the placement test, including the day and time they must write the placement test and how to gain access to the online test.

The only new students who do not have to take the English Placement Test are those students who have already successfully completed an Introduction to College English (603-101) course at another English CEGEP.

More information on English Department courses, including Introduction to College English courses, can be found on the English Department web page under Our Courses.

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