All English cegep students must complete four college English courses to complete your diploma, in addition to your program courses and other General Studies courses.

All Vanier English courses are focused on English language and literature. In all English courses students will read a variety of literary texts and complete a range of reading and writing assignments which will encourage students to further develop their English communications and critical reading and thinking skills.



If students do not have English as a mother tongue or have not gone to English high school, many support services are available to provide assistance to help students succeed, including their English teachers, The Learning Centre, and peer tutoring programs.

Because all Vanier students are required to complete four college English courses, English is the largest department in the College, with over 50 full- and part-time faculty members. All of our faculty members are dedicated to helping students achieve their goals and improve their English skills and abilities.

Needless to say, students must also do their part by attending classes, engaging in course readings, activities and discussions, and successfully completing the required assignments.



All new students coming to Vanier must write an English Placement or Admissions exam which will test your writing level and ensure that you are placed in a first semester English course that matches your needs and abilities. See the information under English Placement Test.

Some students may be required to complete the non-credit Preparation for College English course if the results of your Vanier Admissions or Placement tests indicate that improvement in your English writing skills is needed before you can take the first college-level English course.

See Our Courses for more information on the Preparation for College English course.

As in all other English colleges, Vanier follows the Quebec Ministry of Education objectives and standards for the four Core English courses which you are required complete in order to obtain your DEC.

The Four Required English Courses

Every student must complete ONE of EACH of the following types of English courses to complete a DEC.



Introduction to College English, Course 603-101:

The first English course all students must complete is Introduction to College English. This course must be completed before any other Core English course is taken.

The English department offers different types of 603-101 courses and provides focuses within the Introduction to College English course groupings which are designed to meet the needs of different groups of new Vanier students.

Your English Placement or Admissions test will determine which type of Introduction to College English course you will be required to take.

See Our Courses for more information on the Introduction to College English, 603-101 course, and the different types and focuses of these courses.

Literary Genres, Course 603-102:

These are courses focused on studying different kinds of literature, or literary genres, such as autobiography, the short story, the novel, science fiction, gothic literature, horror, drama, and poetry.

Literary Themes, Course 603-103:

These are courses focused on particular ideas or themes in a group of literary works, such as self-discovery, romanticism, national cultures and identities, satire, colonialism and post-colonialism, and the Holocaust.

English for Programs, “B-Block” Course 603-HS:

The English for Programs or “B-Block” Courses provide further opportunity for reading and writing skills development within a focus on specific topics and literature related to student programs.

For more information on the 603-102, 603-103, and 603-HS courses, see Our Courses.

You should complete your 603-102, 103 and HS courses in the order presented in your program grid.

You do NOT have to complete your 603-102 course before your 603-103 or HS course. These three courses can be completed in any sequence.

The English Exit Exam:

Along with successfully completing your four Core English courses, you must also pass the Quebec Provincial English Exit Exam to complete the English requirements for your DEC.

See English Exit Exam for more information.

The Vanier English Department has developed courses to stir the imagination and which cover a wide-ranging set of cultural and literary interests. There is something to attract every Vanier student of English.

For more information on what courses are offered this semester, click on the course titles for the English courses offered under the current semester Vanier Course Schedule.

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