The VTV videographer plays an important role in covering different types of events on campus. If your interest is with sports, your role would be in covering athletic events such as games, as well as creating promotional sports videos. The sports videographer is someone who loves sports and media. If you prefer more traditional events, your role would be to cover Vanier College events such as the V.C.S.A. events, academic symposiums, talent shows, awards ceremonies etc. The event videographer is someone who loves being involved in social events and capturing the moment. If you like to work with narrative, you could be responsible for realizing narrative for our television projects. These project types include short films, sketches, comedic videos, the Vanier View talk show etc. The narrative videographer is someone who is very creative, enjoys brainstorming and working in a team.

Even if you have very little or no experience in video production but you are eager to learn, we encourage you to apply. This will be an opportunity for growth for everyone beside having a great experience.

Supplying your own equipment is an asset.

Time Commitment: 28 hours a semester (roughly 2 hours a week)

Other Requirements:
– Basic Knowledge in DSLR and HD videography
– Able to work in a team
– Must be hardworking, outgoing and reliable
– Good at capturing details and setting the mood

*Please note that this is a volunteer job however sometimes jobs may be paid. When project funding is available, the lead videographer and videography team will be prioritized whenever compensation is possible.

– Access to equipment (DSLR Camera, Sound equipment, Accessories)
– Volunteer hours can be put towards a S.T.A.R. credit on your transcript
– Official reference and recognition from the College by the Director of Communications and Corporate Affairs
– Increase your marketability to future employers
– Professional work experience for your CV
– Build a portfolio
– Participate in VTV social events (Pizza lunches, meet & greet, Lip Sync Battle)

To learn more about VTV, visit

Apply Online or Fill out our printable PDF form and bring it to F-229. Forms are also available in F-229.

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