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The role of the Fraud Response Officer is to provide customer-focused solutions in a prompt, efficient manner, as it pertains to: 

Authorization Referrals

  •  Responding to incoming inquiries worldwide, from both merchants and customers, regarding referred, declined and/or unusual authorization requests.
  • Utilizing sophisticated neural network fraud detection software, review all authorizations for potential fraudulent occurrences.
  • Determining the legitimacy of cardholder and/or authorization request to accurately approve or decline credit card activity while minimizing fraud losses and customer impacts. Fraud Monitoring
  •  Performing outbound calls to review transactions that become flagged for follow up through our fraud detection software system.
  • Multitasking through a customer\’s account for memo\’s or fraud related flags, in order to optimally service the customer.
  • Identifying possible fraud trends as well as, assisting in the implementation of fraud detection rules criteria to minimize customer impacts and increase confirmed fraud contact rate. Fraud Reporting
  •  Creating detailed fraud reports by clearly outlining all disputed transactions, including brief notes to assist the Fraud Claims Specialists with the investigation to reduce unnecessary customer follow-ups and minimize delays.
  • Listening and questioning for the unique particulars, which include but are not limited to, verifying recent customer activity, identify how loss/theft occurred, and obtaining security details.
  • Educating the customer on card replacement updates including Personal Identification Number (PIN) issuance, Convenience Cheque replacement, Pre-Authorized payments and PC/Telephone Banking access.
  • Transferring credit card balances to new accounts ensuring that the appropriate cross reference index is allocated and genuine balances are reflected.

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