Frequently Asked Questions

We have two waiting lists. The two lists are according to priority and therefor our waiting list is usually very long. We cannot give a definite waiting period however all of our spaces are primarily for CPE Vanier staff and Vanier College staff and students. As spaces become available we contact families on the list according to priority and application date.

During the month of April we start contacting the families by telephone to ask if they are still eligible and interested in the available space. If yes, then we inform them that we will contact them again to confirm that they will have a space for the upcoming school year.

No, only families who have received a space will be contacted.

We only consider applications once the child is born. You can register your family and child's name on the Quebec Waiting List La Place 0-5 ans as soon as conception.

No, only families who have received a space may schedule a visit.

At 9 months.

Annual childcare service contracts begin according to the Vanier College academic calendar. Our Government subsidy is according to child’s registration and attendance. Each contract allots for 20 vacation days (4 weeks). All other vacation requests are to be discussed with administration. Occasional family days and sick days are part of regular absences.

No, due to children’s allergies and food restrictions we do not allow food to be brought into the daycare. We attend to all of the children’s dietary and nutritional needs.