Educational Program

Play is the dynamic means by which young children extend their knowledge of the world and one another. The Centre's program “Meeting Children’s Need’s” offers a variety of materials and experiences that are planned according to the children’s interests to stimulate learning through play. Classroom space for each of the age groups is set up accordingly which provides flexibility for small and large group activities. Throughout the year, weather permitting, children enjoy outdoor time in the Centre's yards, including the play space where a large sandbox and a climbing structure encourage skill development, on our bike path where children can use tricycles and push toys to learn coordination and balance, and in our individual classroom yards that allow planned activities in an outdoor setting. During inclement weather, the children benefit from gross motor activities in our gym where children can test their physical limits in a safe and protected environment. As well, in the Fall semester, a swimming session at the Sports Complex pool is offered in conjunction with the Physical Education Department, in which each child is assigned a permanent adult swimming "buddy" who remains paired with the child for the entire session. Our Center offers a bilingual program with French and English speaking educators in each group. We look forward to being a part of each child’s growth and development at our Center.

Programme Éducatif CPE Vanier-2017