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This Marketing Attestation, LCA.BU, is an evening program designed for people who are interested in beginning or upgrading their skills in the field of marketing. This flexible program allows the students to study at their own pace, taking one or more courses per semester. Successful graduates will have a solid understanding of the role of marketing in the workplace and be prepared to work in numerous business environments. A total of nine specific courses must be successfully completed in order to fulfill the Attestation requirements. It is recommended that students take the courses in the sequence that they are listed.
Marketing Attestation Program
Goals of the Attestation
  • to enable students to acquire competence in the marketing profession
  • to develop pertinent marketing skills and abilities for access into entry levels job opportunities
  • to help students prepare for their entry and integration into the field of marketing
  • to foster students' personal growth and professional development
  • to ensure students' future job mobility by helping them to acquire skills in: marketing research, consumer behaviour, communications, retailing, sales, and starting a business.
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