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Please note that beginning Autumn 2015, no new admission will be accepted.

This Management Attestation is an evening program designed for people who are interested in beginning or upgrading their skills in the management field while gaining computer skills. This flexible program allows the students to study at their own pace taking one or more courses per semester. Successful graduates will have a solid understanding of the role of managers in the workplace. A total of nine specific courses must be successfully completed in order to fulfil the Attestation requirements.

Management Attestation Program
Goals of the Attestation
  • To identify the functions of management, including planning, organizing, leading, controlling, and to demonstrate how these are applied in business.
  • To familiarize the student with the operation of typical departments found in a business such as: production, marketing and sales, human resource management, finance and accounting, and the interrelationship of these functions to form one cohesive unit.
  • To acquire skills needed in a computerized business environment.
  • To make the student aware of the legal and ethical responsibilities of a business toward customers, suppliers and creditors, employees, and the government.
  • To be able to synthesize the knowledge acquired from the program courses and apply this to starting a small business.
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