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Numerous career opportunities will be available to graduates of this Accounting Attestation. The combination of courses will prepare the student for an entry-level job in Accounting within a larger organization. For those students already working in the accounting field, this Attestation will help them advance to a supervisory level position within the general accounting area of an organization. Upon successful completion of this Attestation, the student will be in a strong position to work in the following areas:
  • In the Accounting department of a medium to larger sized company.
  • Close to the comptroller in a smaller company.
  • In a small accounting firm they will be able to process the transactions using a computerized accounting program.
  • For a family-owned business, this program will help the student understand the required accounting and banking functions of the business.
  • Specific areas of specialization will include: cost accounting, budgeting, internal auditing, formulation of cash budgets, the management of a company's cash position and credit, and insurance and premiums management.
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