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The Quebec government recognizes Commerce as a discipline within the Social Sciences. The main difference between a Social Science and a Commerce student is a Commerce student takes one Commerce course each semester, beginning with a Fundamentals of Business course. Commerce students are also obliged to take three Math courses: Calculus I, Calculus II, and Linear Algebra, for them to qualify for entrance into a Commerce program at the university level.

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Commerce students must take Fundamentals of Business in their first semester and Marketing and Accounting in the subsequent two semesters. In their last semester, students may choose one course from either Business Law, Management or Entrepreneurship. (See Commerce Profile)

There are many potential careers for students with a Commerce degree. These include:

There are many potential careers for students with a Commerce degree. These include:
Accounting Law
Advertising & Promotion Management/Administration
Banking Management Information Systems
Finance Manufacturing & Production
Human Resources Marketing
Industrial Relations E-Commerce
Insurance Product Management
International Business Public Sector Management

In today’s world, an understanding of the role of business in the globalization movement is vital. For students keenly interested in a program addressing issues of commerce and globalization, Vanier offers a Commerce Major in International Business (see the profile information). One entry class is offered each year on a “first-come-first-serve” basis. Most course work in the International majors is research based.

The emphasis in this program is on entrepreneurship and actual small businesses will be the focus of theoretical information and analysis. A look at international business will address future growth potential and potential threats to small business survival. In this Major, the accounting and marketing courses will have practical assignments in which students will learn the elements of running small businesses. As well, the students in the Major will be grouped together in several of their courses so that they will have the opportunity to get to know other students with whom they share a common orientation towards Business and Social Science.

Class sizes are no larger than 40 students.

If you are interested in the Commerce program, apply for program # 300.32. If you do not have the math requirement, apply as a Social Science student, take your math in the first semester and then request a transfer into the Commerce program. Be sure to take a Fundamentals of Business course as a Social Science student in your first semester so as not to be behind.

Should you have questions about courses or programs, contact Academic Advising and for admissions, contact the Admissions office. For the Commerce coordinator, contact 514.744.7500, local 6028.

FAQ on the Honours Commerce Program

Enrichment: The program provides students with the opportunity to pursue some advanced studies at the Cegep level. This is helpful when applying to university and can provide a head start for students planning to go into a university honours program, graduate school, or a competitive program.
Recognition: Each Honours course is indicated on the student’s transcript. Every student who successfully completes the Honours program receives an Honours Commerce attestation from Vanier College.
Faculty Support: Students are taught by experienced and dedicated faculty members who provide special tutorial support and also volunteer to devote extra time to their students.
Group Identification: Students and teachers form a cohesive community within the larger college. Students work together in class and outside of class. They provide friendship and support for each other.

Students can apply to this program only after they have completed one semester in Commerce at Cegep. They will be accepted from among the applicants on the basis of their overall averages, with special reference to Social Science and Commerce course grades during the autumn semester. To be eligible for selection, students must have completed seven courses including three concentration courses, one of which must be Calculus I. Students who are accepted in this program will be notified in early January before their registration appointments.

Students will be required to complete all requirements for a DEC in Commerce within two years. Summer school and intensive courses are allowed. Students will be registered in special honours sections of Quantitative Methods, Research Methods, the Integrative Project course and the Honours B-Block Humanities course. A minimum of 70% is required in each of these courses. Students must obtain an overall average of 80% in five of the eight Social Science and Commerce courses in their last three semesters at Vanier College.

A student must apply by the last day of classes during the autumn semester of the first term at Vanier.

Applications are to be submitted to the Dean of Social Science and Commerce, Arts and Letters, Room N172.

Contact the Dean of Social Science and Commerce, Arts and Letters at 514.744.7500 local 6042 or socialscience@vaniercollege.qc.ca.
For admissions information contact admissions@vaniercollege.qc.ca or the Information Office at info@vaniercollege.qc.ca or 514. 744.7500.

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