Commerce is a two-year pre-university program offering students their first formal exposure to business studies. Students may choose courses in diverse fields such as international business, business law, management, accounting, and marketing.

Program Objectives

Within the general objectives of the Social Science Program, the aims of the Commerce Program are:

  • to introduce students to areas of business studies
  • to prepare students for further studies at university in Commerce or related fields.

COMMERCE 300.32 (Regular)

In the regular Commerce program, students learn basic business concepts, develop an extensive business vocabulary and analyse and evaluate business decision making in many areas of business activity. Students acquire an understanding of the key business functions and the complex environment in which they operate. In this option, many different methods of student evaluation are used. These may include tests, projects, exams, research papers and case studies.

COMMERCE 300.32 (Major in International Business)

The Commerce Major offers the same courses to students, but the focus of each course is an international one. This profile is ideal for students interested in the effects of globalization and the role of business in globalization. Current affairs are central and teamwork is encouraged. Students learn about other cultures and the effect of culture on business leaders and the decisions they make. Much of the course content is research-based. Students develop strong bonds since they are a unique group pre-registered in specific courses designed especially for this major. At the end of their studies, students receive a Vanier College certificate for successful completion of the profile. Please note that the teaching methods used in the international majors option is primarily research-based. This Commerce Major is available in the Fall semester only.

COMMERCE 300.32 (Major in Entrepreneurship)

The new Commerce Major in Entrepreneurship offers the same courses as the Commerce profile but the focus is on small/entrepreneurial business. This profile is ideal for students from entrepreneurial-based cultures, or families owned business situations who want to carry on this tradition, through following a hands-on approach to studying business within a Commerce program. The emphasis in this program is on entrepreneurship and actual small businesses will be the focus of theoretical information and analysis. A look at international business will address future growth potential and potential threats to small business survival.


Honours Commerce is a program for students with high academic standing, interest and ability in Commerce. This program promotes and recognizes academic excellence. Students in the Honours Commerce Program follow the same courses as other Commerce Students. However, they must take the special Honours sections of Quantitative Methods, Research Methods, the Integrative Project course, and the Honours B-Block Humanities course entitled Ethical Issues. Students in the Commerce Major in International Business are also eligible for the Honours program.

Commerce Courses Offered:

Regular Commerce

  • Fundamentals of Business
  • Accounting for Commerce
  • Marketing
  • Business Law or Entrepreneurship or Management

Major in International Business

  • Fundamentals of Business
  • Global Marketing
  • Accounting for Commerce
  • Managing International Organisation

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