Centre de la petite enfance Vanier
CÉGEP Vanier College
821 ave. Ste-Croix
Saint-Laurent, Qué. H4L 3X9
Tel. (514) 744-2506

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Our Location:

Centre de la petite enfance, Vanier Childcare Center affiliated with Cégep Vanier College, is located at the eastern end of the college, just behind the soccer field next to the Sports Complex adjacent to the main parking lot. It is also accessible from Basile Moreau street through the P7 entrance of the parking lot. View an area map.


Centre de la petite enfance Vanier holds an operating permit from the Ministère de la Famille et des Aînés and offers quality childcare for children from 9 months to five years of age. Although the Centre is primarily attended by children of Vanier College-affiliated families (staff, faculty and students), it is not an official service of the College and cannot guarantee places for all families needing or wanting to utilize this form of child care. However, if there are available spaces, the Centre is open to the public as well. Back to top of page


Centre de la petite enfance Vanier, previously known as Vanier Day Care, was incorporated in 1979 and began operation in its present location at that time. Prior to 1979, informal childcare had been organized by staff and students as a parent co-op service. Back to top of page


Centre de la petite enfance Vanier offers a child oriented environment. We follow the educational program developed by the Ministère de la Famille des Aînes. This program is based on the principle that children learn through play. We believe that every child is unique and that every child develops at their own rhythm. We strive to instil in each child a sense of curiosity and genuine interest in his/her environment, which will serve as a solid foundation for future learning.

We believe that quality group care for children is a positive and beneficial experience not only for children, but for their families as well. The Center offers its programs as a complement to the child-rearing role of the parents, serving as a support system like an extended family. Parents are encouraged to visit their children at the Centre and to get to know all of the staff members. In addition, participation in decisions affecting operations and procedures are encouraged through attendance at our Annual General Assembly or by becoming a member of the Board of Directors. Back to top of page


Play is the dynamic means by which young children extend their knowledge of the world and one another. The Centre's program offers a variety of materials and experiences at several facilities to stimulate learning through play. Classroom space for each of the age groups is open in order to provide flexibility for small- and large-group activities. Throughout the year, weather permitting, children enjoy outdoor time in the Centre's yard, where a large sandbox and a climbing structure encourage skill development and in our newly constructed bike path where children learn coordination and balance. During inclement weather, indoor facilities in the Childcare Centre are available for recreation and play. Each child has a chance to test their physical limits in a safe and protected environment. As well, in the Fall semester, a swimming session at the Sports Complex pool is usually offered in conjunction with the Physical Education Department, in which each child is assigned a permanent adult swimming "buddy" who remains paired with the child for the entire session. Centre de la petite enface Vanier offers a bilingual program with both French and an English speaking educator in each group. We are fortunate to have a community rich in cultural diversity. We acknowledge and respect individuality and look forward to learning about each unique family.

Click to see our complete Educational Program.  Lisez notre Programme Éducatif en francais.

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Centre de la petite enfance Vanier is staffed by qualified, nurturing professionals, supplemented by student workers and volunteers enrolled in the Early Childhood Education Program at Vanier College. Their role is to provide children with age-appropriate activities within a secure, loving, and safe environment. The emphasis is on the social and emotional well-being of the children.


The Vanier Childcare Centre is open from 7:00a.m to 6:00p.m., Monday through Friday, year round. It is closed on major holidays. Back to top of page


In accordance with the provincial family policy, the fee is $7/day. Additional fees may be charged for special activities and fieldtrips. Back to top of page


Nutritious morning and afternoon snacks and a daily hot lunch are provided for each child.
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Donations & Other Contributions:

Quality childcare cannot exist without contributions of services, money, and materials from individuals and private businesses. The responsibility of child care is one that is shared by parents, child care providers, and the community at large, united in the recognition that positive early childhood experiences foster the growth and development of tomorrow's leaders. If you would like to volunteer your talents, make a financial contribution, or contribute materials, please contact:

Athena Xenos - Director email

T: 514-744-2506, ext. 222
F: 514-744-4842

Mailing Address:
Centre de la petite enfance Vanier
Cégep Vanier College,
821 Ave. Ste-Croix,
Saint-Laurent, Québec, H4L-3X9

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Click for our General By-Laws and Internal Rules documents:

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Réglements généraux        Règles de régie interne

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions at (514) 744-2506.

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