The Chemistry Department offers courses which prepare students for further studies in many of the related physical sciences at the university level. In addition, general interest courses for both science students (202-HTF, 202-HTG and 202-HTE) and non-science students (202-HSA) are offered. These courses give a non-mathematical approach to the study of the implications of chemistry in daily life.

Courses for Science Students

In order to help science students in their course selection, the Chemistry Department makes the following recommendations:

Health Science (200.01)

Required Courses

Recommended Courses

Pure and Applied Science (200.02)

Required Courses

Recommended Course

Courses for Non-Science Students

The chemistry department offers a complementary course for non-science students, which is aimed specially at those who are interested in the scientific world around them, but who have chosen to major in non-scientific subjects. The course is:

Courses for Technology Students

Optional Courses for Science Students

Preparation Courses for New Admission Students

There are three courses that are offered to newly admitted students who wish to reinforce their skills in chemistry, or to fulfill the entrance requirements for a specific Cegep program. These courses are:

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