Policy #: 7210 – 19

Purpose: To provide procedures for handling cases of student behaviour which is disruptive to the teaching/learning process in the classroom, laboratory, clinical, seminar, or other instructional settings (on or off campus), including meetings or electronic correspondence between teachers and students. Conduct that is abusive to the teacher and/or other students or infringes on others’ basic rights may be dealt with under the Zero Tolerance Policy, the Human Rights Policy or the Policy on Electronic Social Aggression (Cyber bullying), as appropriate. Technicians have the right to act under this policy in labs if the teacher is not present. This policy does not limit the teacher’s or the College’s right to take immediate action in cases of perceived imminent danger to persons or property.

Sector: Academic

Responsibility: Academic Dean

Year Effective: 2010

Next Review Year: 2015

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Form: Review of Misconduct

Form: Teacher report of misconduct

Form: Agreement of Conduct in the Classroom

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