By-Law # 8, Academic Success


  • Foster academic success for all students in accordance with the requirements of their program of studies
  • Encourage students to be responsible and take charge of their learning
  • Provide additional support to “at risk” students
  • Ensure the fair treatment of students in the course of their educational experience

Sector: Academic

Year Effective: Fall 2016

Next Review Year: TBA

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By-Law Number 8 replaces the previous Standing and Advancement policy (Policy Number: 7210-7).

There are certain conditions to By-Law Number 8; please pay particular attention to Article 2.01.

By-Law Number 8 applies to all full-time students attending Vanier College in Fall 2016 and onwards. However, students with a full-time status in Winter 2016 returning to study at Vanier in Fall 2016 retain all probation conditions under the previous Standing and Advancement policy, which is the preceding version of By-Law Number 8. This means that students placed on probation in Winter 2016 or in a prior semester under the previous Standing and Advancement policy retain their probation status until they graduate or interrupt their college studies for a regular semester (Fall or Winter).

If you have any questions related to By-Law Number 8 or the previous Standing and Advancement policy, please contact Academic Advising or the Tutoring and Academic Success Centre (TASC).

Previous Policy Name: Standing and Advancement

Previous Policy #: 7210-7

Year Effective: Fall 2011 – Winter 2016

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