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Business & Industry Training Services

Whether you’re looking for a half day workshop or a multi-year employee development program, Vanier College’s Business & Industry Training Services can meet your needs. Our staff has worked in and with all sizes of public and private organizations. We understand the business environment as well as we do training and education.

Do you need more accessible, flexible solutions? Affordable, top-quality training? Traditional face-to-face or webcast sessions? Autonomous or hybrid e-learning solutions? We have done all of this, and each solution begins by building key relationships and understanding your industry, priorities and needs.

Our Business & Industry Advisors  will:

  • Pay you a visit to gather preliminary information about your mission & goals, products, operations and market position. This allows us to understand the unique characteristics of your business;
  • Analyze your situation and requirements to identify your employees’ competency requirements and plan training to meet your needs;
  • Develop, with our professional trainers, a proposed training plan to be validated with your management team, and prepare a training schedule adapted to your operational needs;
  • Develop and deliver training and documentation, remaining involved throughout the process to support and monitor the implementation;
  • Evaluate the training and review the results during a customer visit.
  • Whether for your administrative, technical, professional or management staff, our training team is committed to offer you competitive training solutions precisely tailored to the needs of your business.
  • We also offer a range of complementary services such as TOWES (Tests of Workplace Essential Skills) testing in English, IELTS language testing, and RAC (Recognition of Acquired Competencies), also known as PLAR services.

Get on board the TGV (Training, Growth, Vanguard) today with Vanier College Business & Industry Training Services!


Last year, 25,000 employees were trained by the 48 Quebec CEGEPs. Find out more about how CEGEPs can serve your training needs at the following bilingual website:

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